[RECAP] Save The Children Indonesia (YSTC) Strategic Planning and Extended Management Team Meeting

On 13 February 2019, Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik (YSTC) or Save The Children Indonesia organized an Extended Management Team (EMT) workshop and invited ANGIN as an external speaker to provide them with new insight as well as a new potential business model which fit their values, at Paragon Hotel in Solo. Participants of this meeting were approximately 60 people, comprises of Senior Management Team including Directors or Head of Department Function and Managers based in Country Office, as well as Field and Area Offices. We introduced ANGIN and provide an understanding of the ecosystem of impact investing and social enterprise in Indonesia.

From our observation and discussion throughout the day, we found out that there is a current trend of not-for-profits transforming into social enterprises due to its changing ecosystem dynamics which are; decreasing international development donor funds into Indonesia, strong need to scale the impact while at the same time reaching financial sustainability, and its need to develop talents. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is important for a non-profit organization like YSTC to increase new sources of revenue streams and reach financial sustainability. It also allows them to be innovative in scaling the impact.

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