[RECAP] ANGIN Monthly Pitch Luncheon February 2019

Last Wednesday ANGIN organized its flagship event, ANGIN Pitch Luncheon at WeWork Revenue Tower, Jakarta on February 27th. This event was well attended not only by our angel investors but also our venture capital partners, such as East Ventures, Vertex Venture, Gobi Ventures, Convergence, Prasetia Dwidarma, Kejora, Patamar Capital, and Plug and Play. It was concluded with lunch and networking session.

There were three startups who got the chance to pitch in front of ANGIN angel investors. They were Riptafood, Callista, and Qiwii. These three startups have been through several rigorous selections process, also had undergone mentoring sessions and fundraising pitch training with ANGIN. Each startup got a chance to do pitching in 5 minutes and 10 minutes of feedback and Q&A session from the investors.

The three startups who pitched were:

  • Riptafood: An Indonesian traditional snack manufacturer. It promotes the authenticity of traditional snacks and repackages to be distributed in the modern channel. Currently, it has one brand of Comed (Combro Kering). It is actually a business unit of Riptafood holding, a tapioca producer.
  • Callista: An online skin consultancy platform that helps people to get effective products with affordable price and online prescription from dermatologist to treat skin problems without having to pay additional fee .
  • Qiwii: An online queuing application for various industries. The platform allows users to receive queueing number and estimated time to get their desired service before coming to the service place.

Find photos from the eventĀ here.

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