[RECAP] ANGIN x Oe-cusse Business Incubator (OBI) Knowledge Exchange in Timor Leste

ANGIN strengthened its commitment to enable startup ecosystem growth through a training of trainers (ToT) program in Timor Leste. ANGIN was grateful to be appointed by UNDP and the Regional Secretary of Community Tourism of Special Administrative Region of Oe-cusse Ambeno Timor Leste to share knowledge with Oe-cusse Business Incubator (OBI) team members. OBI is a business incubator program supported by UNDP which aims to establish sustainable development through business and innovation in Oe-cusse, Timor Leste. In 2017, it has been incubated 10 startups who offer various products, for example, fish feed, beef jerky, juice and water fountain. The second batch will start this March 2019.

On 3 – 7 March 2019, ANGIN’s Managing Director, David, with the team members (Tiffany, Atika, Gema, and Nadia) prepared and came all the way to Pante Macassar, Timor Leste, to help improve the trainers’ capacity building. The two-day workshop was attended by OBI business mentors and the Ministry of Tourism and Industry staffs. ANGIN also had the opportunity to visit some local entrepreneurs who were participated in OBI program.

Considering the very early stage nature of the businesses in OBI program, ANGIN shared some basic knowledge relevant to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) development. The topics covered included Problem Solving, Business Idea Development, Basic Marketing, Principles of Bookkeeping and Fundraising Strategy. ANGIN also shared some tools to help improve OBI trainers mentoring process, for example, a simple monitoring template to track the entrepreneurs’ performance.

We were excited to capture high enthusiasm among workshop participants during the sessions. We look forward to seeing further collaboration in helping the entrepreneurship development in Oe-Cusse, Timor Leste. Aside the OBI program, we also have an ongoing discussion with Regional Secretary of Community Tourism of Special Administrative Region of Oe-cusse Ambeno Timor Leste on potential future support from ANGIN to help them with access to markets and funding outside Oe-cusse. 

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