[RECAP] How to Make Your Startup Sexy to Investors

On 27 February, Block71 hosted a sharing session called “How to Make Your Startup Sexy to Investors”. This event aimed to share knowledge and experience of startup executives in raising funds for their company. Sheila represented ANGIN team to attend this event.

This sharing session invited Wenyou Tan as the Head of Business Development of OVO and Fahri as the President Director of Walletku, together they shared their experiences in fundraising for their respective startups.

While Wenyou Tan emphasized more on the importance of knowing about the type of investors the startups would like to search for, Fahri from Walletku suggested that the right intention and motivation in building a startup is a crucial aspect before raising funds. It is important if a founder was able to share why he founded his company. In his fundraising journey, he had to meet at least 10 new people in a month, to build connections that might lead to more funds or knowledge. All in all, both of them agreed that pursuing investors in a strategic manner was a key element in raising funds, which made it essentially a full-time job

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