Skala is an accelerator program backed by Innovation Factory and GREE Ventures, offering mentorship supports for founders and also upfront pre-seed investment of USD 30,000 in exchange of 5 percent company Equity. As ANGIN team, Tigran and Sheila attended SKALA Demo Day which was held on 26 February. On this event, Skala presented five of their startups that joined their accelerator program, which are Margalarva, Callista, Nusatalent, Noompang, Attenda, and Storial. Here are our reports of their presentation:

Magalarva, presented by the CEO, Rendria Labde. Magalarva produces a sustainable source of protein through bioconversion of organic waste using black soldier fly. They cultivate black soldier fly (BSF) larvae as rich protein sources for use in animal feed. BSF larvae is one of the fastest organism to consume organic waste, providing a sustainable organic waste management solution. In 2019, Magalarva expanded production rate by up to 15 tons of wet larva per months, processing up to 2 tons of organic waste per day. They have also successfully diversified the waste type intake from industrial sources, including major Indonesian brewery and dairy manufacturers.

Callista, presented by the CEO, Shinta Prinatika Sari. Callista is a skincare brand that provides personalized skin care products powered by artificial intelligence and human expertise. They aim to make it easier for consumers to find the solutions by providing personalized product recommendation based on skin analysis conducted on their website. As today, they have performed more than 50,000 skin analysis and reach USD 13,700 in revenue for Jan 2019.Storial, presented by the CEO, Steve Wirawan. is a social storytelling platform to empower Indonesian Story Tellers. They provide solutions for writers to publish their stories directly. Get direct feedback from engaged readers community, and monetize from several business schemes within the platform. Until now, they already have 23,000 content titles submitted in 40 different genres. On average, they could get 40 new titles per day. Their user registration grew organically by 300% in the second half of 2018 compared to the first half of 2018 to 60,000.

Noompang, presented by the CEO, Mirsa Sadikin. Noompang is a ride-sharing platform that utilizes a network as a transportation resource. They build a platform where users can be both a driver and passenger, hence increasing productivity in their community. Aside from scheduling and destination, they match their user based on their social media, professional workplace and university to enhance user’s ride they take in Noompang. The platform was launched in June 2018 with focus on Jakarta – Bandung route. In the last 6 months, they have over 3,600 users and around 1,100 monthly unique users. Their user growth rate is around 12%, with matched ride growing at 20%.

Atenda, presented by the CEO, Juvenco Pelupessy. Attenda is a free and easy way to manage teamwork. Check teammates attendances, build schedules and track salaries online. The company was launched in October 2018 to bring free timesheet attendances and schedules to everyone, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Their cloud-based time clock and timesheets allow users to track hours from anywhere, and save time preparing payroll. Attenda scheduling tools allow users to build a better schedule efficiently and publish it online for everyone to see. Their system allows the whole team to stay coordinated and connected. Today they serve 20 business in Indonesia.

Nusatalent, presented by the CEO – Steven Gouw. Nusatalent is a university’s tech provider in connecting fresh graduates to their earliest career journey. They bridge the universities, companies, and students through an integrated data-driven platform to track students career movement. This is achieved by collaborating with companies to increase recruitment success rate by aggregating students data while they’re in university. They also gain continuous student big data to prepare for other verticals, such as student loans, student deals, student commerces, and many other student-focused verticals. They aim to become the first and biggest student platform in Indonesia.

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