[RECAP] ANGIN x AWS Joint Workshop: From Idea to Startup – What You Need to Know to Start Your Business

On April 5th, ANGIN collaborated with AWS (Amazon Web Services) created a joint workshop for a day of sharing best practices and insights of topics ranging from product development to fundraising. This event was held at Innovation Factory, BLOCK71 Bandung. The guest speakers from this event were Ken Ratri (Founder of Geekhunter), Shieny Aprilia (CMO of Agate Studio), Dina Dellyana (Director of Greater Hub ITB), Ronaldiaz Hartantyo (CMO of Mycotech), Sutansyah Marahakim (Kolaborasi), Hasbi Asyadiq (CEO of Assembler), and Seterhen Akbar (CEO of Labtek Indie).

There were diverse group of attendees ranging from university students, developers, and startup founders with similar interest in tech startups. In addition to fundamental materials of a startup business, speakers also shared important insights about their personal experience as players and how they overcome different type of problem. Highlights from the second session was attendants realizing how the path towards becoming a successful startup has its ups & downs, thus acknowledging how they should embrace problems.

Participants were enabled to interact directly with key players and gain valuable information about their specific contribution. They also actively engaged in a series of Q&A session which culminated in a design thinking exercise facilitated by ANGIN. Participants were divided into 4 groups, each one focusing on different problems, and they need to come up with a suitable solution. Main takeaway was for participants to be able to not only gain insight, but also utilise what they’ve learned directly.

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