[RECAP] Field Notes from Lombok: Oxfam x ANGIN Women Spotlight

Oxfam x ANGIN Women’s Spotlight is a collaboration project between Oxfam Indonesia and ANGIN to celebrate emerging women micro-entrepreneurs in the rural communities of Indonesia. In this exciting women spotlight series, we will connect you to Oxfam’s women entrepreneurs on the ground and share their stories on embarking a journey towards economic empowerment, gender equality, and becoming a force of change in their community.

On 2-6 April 2019, ANGIN team Feby and Sarah embarked on a story gathering trip to collect stories of women entrepreneurs in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara at Pringgasela and Sukarare village. Anggara Mahendra also participate in this project as the photographer.

We interviewed eight women who are not only woven craft artisans and farmers, but also strong and resilient mothers and housewives. Guided by local women-led organizations (Kelompok Nina Penenun and Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia), we managed to get in-depth with their personal stories in empowering the society through crafting handmade woven textiles.

We are amazed by how much they could share to us and how sharp their minds were. From these women, we learned a great lesson and came home with a much broader appreciation of the world around us and finding joy in everyday life.

Stay tuned for inspiring women empowerment stories from the field!

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