[RECAP] GIST Investors Mobilization Training Program 2019

On 5 April 2019, ANGIN and VentureWell organized GIST Investors Mobilization Training Program 2019, a training program to share knowledge and experiences about mitigating the risks of investing in startup world. This event was attended by speakers such as Meliisa Bradley from 1863 Ventures, Faz Bashi from Lead Venture Investor, Gwen Edwards from Angel Resource Institute, Eli Velasquez from VentureWell, and Mariko Asmara the angel investor of ANGIN.

At the first session, speakers shared their motivation to join the investment world. Mostly, they want to create impact in Indonesia powered by a strong desire to contribute back to society. There was a question from the audience about what investors should look before investing in a startup, and Asmara suggested to pay attention to the founders’ profiles, consistency of the story they tell, and impact they can create. Investors needs to remember that they are there to help entrepreneurs grow.

Next session was about portfolio management while they suggest for investors to get involved in the company to increase likelihood of higher return. It takes Melissa more than 6 months to know the entrepreneurs. Melissa did monthly checkup to the startups to talk about their milestones and what they need. Investors need to create discipline in entrepreneurs. In the afternoon, a negotiation roleplay was conducted. There was also a session about cross-border investment fundamentals and its perspective in Indonesia.

We look forward to host similar session as the enthusiasm is high!

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