[RECAP] Jogja Fund Day: Towards a Sustainable Ecosystem for a Creative-Based Digital Economy

On 27 March 2019, Dinas Perizinan dan Penanaman Modal of Yogyakarta Government in collaboration with Asosiasi Digital Kreatif (ADITIF) held “Jogja Fund Day: Towards a Sustainable Ecosystem for a Creative-Based Digital Economy, an event that acts as investor meeting point to create digital-based creative economy ecosystem in Yogyakarta. Nadia Fadhila, advisory consultant of ANGIN attended the event as part of ANGIN team. This event was held as a panel discussion between speakers from BEKRAF, Dinas Kominfo, AMIKOM, MDI Ventures, and BukaLapak.

The opening was delivered by Kepala Dinas Perizinan dan Penanaman Modal and Regional Secretary of Yogyakarta. They both talked about how to create sustainable ecosystem for startups in Yogyakarta and its recent economic growth.

From the event, BEKRAF talk about feelings of fear that digital economy will erase employment because of the development of machine learning, but although customer service is decreasing, coder skills are on the look. Dinas Kominfo also introduced their new project called Jogja Smart Province Project, a creative and collaborative approach as an innovation for bureaucratic service. There was also 1 on 1 mentorship to startups on business development and advice on fundraising.


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