[RECAP] AFTECH : The Launch of AFTECH Annual Member Survey 2018

On 2nd May 2019, another Asosiasi Fintech Indonesia or also known as AFTECH event is made. This time it has launched its first AFTECH Annual Member Survey, at FintechSPACE Indonesia’s first specialized Fintech co-working space, 16th floor of Satrio Tower Mega Kuningan Jakarta. AFTECH aim to convey the latest developments in Indonesia FinTech industry to the public.

The event started with Chairman of AFTECH Niki Santo Luhur presents the result of the Member Survey 2018, displaying collected data and statistics from FinTech industry in Indonesia overview, regulatory outlook, talent, infrastructure in FinTech, to financial inclusion initiatives. According to the survey FinTech players have the ability to bridge the financial inclusion gap through its unique selling proposition of accessibility, but it with challenges. It also stated current FinTech players want to liaise closely with various government agencies.

With most of the attendees are FinTech players and among them as speakers for the speed discussion session are representative of Amartha, Modalku, Barkesa, Stockbit, Dimo Pay, InfraDigital Nusantara with moderator from GoPay and OVO. Here they discussed topics surrounding digital payment, online lending, and many more. Bank Indonesia representative also come as regulators to represent current regulatory outlook. ANGIN member Selma Ayuanshari also come as an attendee to this event.

For more information and knowledge in regard to current FinTech in Indonesia outlook check AFTECH website at http://fintech.id


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