[RECAP] AWS Activate Partners Summit

On the evening of July 4th, Amazon Web Services hosted its Activate Partners Summit. ANGIN and Connector.ID were invited to participate, and Connector.ID was invited to set up a table and present the platform.

During the introduction, Meher Vaswani, our key partner from AWS, outlined what it does in helping to scale startups and many of its recent key initiatives. One of the key highlights is ANGIN X AWS’s recent road show in 5 major cities in Indonesia.

Then, Connector.ID was invited to speak about the platform on stage. Team Connector.ID was represented by Emily Izmirian, Candice (Jiaying) Li, and Jacob Johann Wee. During the presentation, they described the mission of the platform and how it helps entrepreneurs and capital providers, many of which were present at the conference.

At the end, AWS presented a gift to David Soukhasing, ANGIN’s managing director, for ANGIN’s outstanding support for Amazon’s involvement in the local ecosystem.

The ANGIN and Connector.ID team were happy to be involved with this event and learn about what AWS does and its recent initiatives.

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