[RECAP] GKN Annual Members Meeting 2019

On June 24th, GKN (Gerakan Kewirausahawan Nasional) in partnership with Ministry of Cooperatives hosted their annual membership meeting, proposing the theme of strengthening organisational values to promote economic inclusivity. ANGIN member Gema had an opportunity to attend as a keynote speaker for their panel discussion.

The event showcased leading MSMEs from various parts of Indonesia which have created a significant contribution to their respective regions. Leading MSMEs were awarded by the regent of Semarang. Other than the awarding ceremony, the annual membership meeting had a panel discussion led by the general secretary of the organisation. ANGIN along with Gunawan Arifin (CEO and Co-founder of Kerjasama.com) participated as the keynote speakers to introduce our services as the alternative financing mode for MSMEs.

Through gaining insights about ANGIN’s Angel investment service and Kerjasama.com’s crowdfunding platform, GKN hoped that MSMEs will be able to choose alternative financing modes and strategically plan their fundraising needs.

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